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Travel Marketing Roundup - Social Media Dangers, Local Marketing & Travel UX

Travel Marketing Roundup - Social Media Dangers, Local Marketing & Travel UX
By Jaclyn Amoroso • Issue #14 • View online
OK. It’s been three months since my last email. It’s so cliche for a marketer to ignore their best advice isn’t it??
Anyway…I just had to share the news coming out of the #toostrongforyoukaren incident that unfolded over the weekend. So enjoy that below.
All the best to you over the festive break. Stay safe.
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You Are Your Business (even on social media)
Karen is not the nicest person in Mildura, that was evident for everyone to see this week (and for a long time if you have seen her Facebook posts). The important message for everyone here is (aside from not being a racist) you are representing your business 24/7. If what you are posting on social media is not appropriate from your business page - Then don’t post it from your own page! #goodbyekaren
Group terminates partnership with Mildura Travel and Cruise
Which Brings Us To Trust...
Consumer trust is all-powerful. If you can establish trust in your business/brand then it can be more influential than price.
The Journey Before the Journey: How Travel Marketers Establish Trust With Consumers
It's A Global Marketplace. But The Fight Is Local.
We’re all wanting to target global audiences but the consumer is often delaying many purchase decisions until they’re travelling. So you need to be able to target them locally.
How to localise your travel campaigns on PPC and social media
Google's UX Playbook For Travel
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