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Travel Marketing Roundup - Stock Images? Be Careful.

Travel Marketing Roundup - Stock Images? Be Careful.
By Jaclyn Amoroso • Issue #13 • View online
If you read just one thing this month, then I encourage you to read this first article on stock images. You use them on your site right? Of course you do. But did you know it could be hurting your search performance? Something to seriously consider.
Oh and if I was to point out one other thing that I really want you to check out, it’s the awesome AppSumo deal at the bottom of the email. It’s made for the smaller travel business website. If you’re paying an ongoing monthly subscription for these tools, then stop now. (Disclaimer: I get a small commission from each sale. So buy more than one! )
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Are You Using Stock Images On Your Website?
You’re not alone. Consumers only have to browse a few travel websites to see the same stock image over and over again. So what’s the harm you ask? It may just be hurting your search performance. Trust me, you should take a few minutes to read this study.
Sometimes You Just Need Cut-Through
What better way to get attention with travel ads than to talk about how BAD travel is…Could this work for China Airlines?
Online Competition Is Coming From Everywhere.....
Of course Google is looking for its slice of the travel pie but it’s not just Google we need to watch out for.
Want the best prices for your trip? Google can help.
Is Google killing OTAs?

Booking and Expedia own 80% of the Online Travel Agency (OTA) market.

They spend ~90% of marketing budget on (Google) ads ($10b combined per year).

Now Google rolled out Google Travel.

That's the ⚰️ for OTAs, right?

Not so fast.
Pay For Your Flight and Hotel Bookings in Installments Using This Site
Attracting The Lucrative Indian Travel Market
In a country that boasts 500 million active internet users and ranks No. 2 in the world for internet usage, the majority of Indian travelers rely heavily on digital channels to research their trips. But the proportion drops when it comes to booking online. We need to do more!
Attracting Indian travelers: 5 major shifts travel brands need to make
Get Better At Engaging Your Website Visitors!
With 12 different widgets in the one tool, Birdseed is one of the most appropriate tools I’ve come across for travel websites.
You can make it easy to get in touch with live chat, call back feature, meeting scheduling, email subscriptions, and contact forms. You can display testimonials, surveys and videos.
And you can give access to up to 15 team members to ensure you don’t miss anyone. And it’s just $49 for a lifetime subscription!
Birdseed Review on AppSumo
Birdseed Review on AppSumo
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