Travel Marketing Roundup - Targeting local travellers, Google again, and the end of influencers?





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Travel Marketing Roundup - Targeting local travellers, Google again, and the end of influencers?
By Jaclyn Amoroso • Issue #12 • View online
So…Instagram has moved to hide likes after much conjecture. Personally I’m rapt to see them go. Instagram can be a toxic platform for the more vulnerable of us. But how does this impact your travel business? Are you still motivated for Instagram despite not getting those little confirmations of goodness?
The whole thing got a few people down…So I’m going to show my love (at the bottom of the email).

The Telegraph in the UK had some grim claims (for some) on the impact it might have…
Are we witnessing the death of the Instagram travel influencer?
Boosting Local Travel Numbers
It’s all too easy to ignore the local market and focus on targeting international visitors. But here’s a campaign that I loved and showed us all how we can inspire our fellow countrymen and countrywomen to go on a #staycation.
Tracking Flight Status From Within Google
I shared a piece a couple of months back about how Google was disrupting our industry with little pushback. Well, here’s an example of how they’re aiming to improve the user experience without needing industry websites.
Roey Skif
Haven't seen it before - track flight status within the knowledge panel, great addition (aligns perfectly with user intent) cc: @rustybrick @Marie_Haynes @CyrusShepard
Advertising Trends
One of the buzzwords of recent times is Artificial Intelligence and within AI is the practice of Machine Learning. The possibilities are endless, however the practical case studies are thin….That’s why I loved seeing what Virgin Australia was up to.
How Virgin Australia is using machine learning to reach new travellers | Think With Google
Becoming More Social?
Who would have thought a big brand like TripAdvisor could go deeper into social. This move makes sense for them and will hopefully inspire you in your own endeavours to encourage repeat engagement among your own community.
TripAdvisor goes deeper into social with relaunch as a travel ‘hub’
In what confirms or validates Trip Advisor’s move, this article from Marketing Week makes a bold claim that influencers (or the use of) are declining as brands seek to build community. If you’ve tried engaging influencers for your travel business, you’ll be rejoicing too!
Millennial travel brand Day 8 on the end of the influencer and rise of community
...and here's me sharing some love.
Glyn Davies
Ive deleted my business #instagram page, now an absolute waste of time! Life is worth more than hours captioning & tagging just 2 get likes & comments but zero sales when my real gallery is busy! Im keeping my personal Insta page 4 my climbing & travel pix
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Jaclyn Amoroso

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